Empowering & Equipping People

Leadership Lady is a learning and development company focused on helping clients leverage their soft skills in order to improve their world. Besides our technical skills (our specialized knowledge and expertise), the use of our soft skills (our interpersonal & human skills) reflect the heartbeat of our lives and organizations. The effective use of them make a huge difference in the reality we live in and the outcomes we have.  Leadership Lady has empowered people in different industries with the tools to leverage the skills they already have or equipped them with new skills in order to succeed. 

The company was started by Ashley Martin after a decade serving and leading in public education as a teacher and later administrator. Working directly with people, her roles in public education and other leadership roles outside of education opened her eyes to a stark reality. Often times there are solutions that can implement that don’t involve losing people, compromising productivity, or risking profits. Ashley’s book, Focus: Productive Leadership in Action, shares some of these solutions that help people and organizations align and overcome hurdles. Whether it’s a talk, training session, or coaching conversation, Leadership Lady is here for clients are ready to take the next step in leveraging their soft skills to level up their leadership. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I did not know my team felt that way. I am so glad Ashley came and trained with us. Now I will be able to better lead my team.

— Tina Wilson, Financial Services Regional VP

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Everyone needs a coach. Who’s Brady without Belichick, Brees without Payton, Jordan without Jackson. Today, my coach was Ashley Martin, She provided her perspectives on writing in her “Just Write” workshop. Invest in yourself . Professional Development = Self Love.”

— Shadrach Stephens, Corporate Leader & Founder